Sports science straight out of the GFL

High ankle sprain

It’s amazing when what an author thinks is scifi starts to move firmly into reality, into everyday life. Check out the twitter video, below, shot by Emmy-nominated journalist Holly Rowe, showing the whiz-bang-amazing Univeristy of Alabama’s Sports Science Center.

But wait! Before you see this next-level tech created to help athletes heal from injuries, read this excerpt from THE CHAMPION, Book V in the Galactic Football League series.

“Doc Patah flew to a holotank, moved it closer so Quentin could see it without sitting up. Doc called up an image, a representation of Quentin’s left arm: no skin, muscle done in translucent red, bone in translucent white, dense threads of nerves in shades of yellow. Some of the nerves, however, were orange.

“You have severe nerve damage in your left arm.”

“So fix it,” Quentin said. “That’s your job.”

Rowe’s video shows the Center’s flouroscan X-ray machine in action, which looks a lot like what I envisioned from Doc Patah’s holotank display of Quentin’s physiology.

I don’t mean to belittle the sports medicine science of my day, but this is one helluva long way from the “rub some dirt on it and get back in there” mentality of when I played ball.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll see rejuve tanks and nanocyte bandages in our lifetime.

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