GFL VI delays due to COVID
and what we’re doing about them

GFL Logo with mask

We are late delivering THE GANGSTER, GFL Book VI. We know. Trust us, we know.  Three bits of news on this front, make sure to read them all because they’re kissing cousins (i.e., they’re related).

The COVID shutdowns have, of course, hit book printers. The company that usually prints our lovely, limited-edition, hardcover GFL novels and usually provides phenomenal customer support is now returning calls and emails weeks later, if at all.

We know our vendor is building up a backlog of printing projects from big publishers — when things finally return to some semblance of normal, we doubt our 2,000-copy run will be at the tippy-top of their to-do list.

Therefore, we know GFL VI will not ship in Summer of 2020, as promised. We will fire these book-based ICBMs across the globe as soon as possible, but we honestly don’t know when that will be.

Which brings us to Point Two…

The sixth book of the stunning, exceptional, magnificent, ground-breaking, genre-busting GFL series* is late. We promised it to ship it August 18, 2020 — that ain’t gonna happen.

Therefore, if your times be tight, and you are either a) fed up with our bullshit, or b) need them duckets, please email We will be happy to refund your pre-order moneys.

However, be aware — if you cancel that order, you lose your number in the pre-order numbering system. You can absolutely come back and pre-order later, or wait until those charlatans at “Empty Set Media” (notice I put it in quotes which is how one subtly exposes one’s “enemies”) and buy it when the cashflow is more amicable to your situation. This is not punitive, it’s the fundamentals of this preposterously complex system we have maintained over six books because the Junkies enjoy it.

Trust me, mates, if we could just ship the dang book without a number, we would. It’s an insane amount of work, and it mucks up our ability to sell at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., but we do it because the Junkies dig it.

We’ve been asked if we can release eBook and audiobook, since people get that print isn’t a good option right now. The answer is “not yet,” because the book isn’t finished. It’s in final draft mode, we expect to have that draft done in a month or so. Then continuity and copy edits, and then Scott has to record it. The recording process will take probably two weeks, then there is the editing process.

Shipping delays at our store

As part of our shelter-in-place strategy, we are not at the Lair of Døøm on a daily basis. That is where the books are. And the T-shirts. And the postage. And the boxes. And those stupid industrial tape rolls that always come off the stupid cutter-guard-thing and then we spend like twenty minutes trying to get the tape off again and… well, you get the picture.

In short, if you order stuff from, we might not get it in the mail for 1-2 weeks. Order away, knowing we will get you your books, shirts, stickers, etc., but don’t panic when your mailbox is not immediately penetrated.


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