NFL players keep getting bigger. And bigger ….

The Galactic Football League series features huge Humans, as well as other species. One of my goals in writing this series was to draw attention to just how big players are today are compared to, say, 50 years ago, then try to realistically project how that steady growth could produce absolute giants in the future.

The GFL is a “space opera” series filled with quarterbacks that are 7 feet tall and weigh 380 pounds, and tight ends that are 7-foot-6 and weigh 400 pounds. And those are just the Human players. Add in the genetically modified HeavyG humans and the alien species, and there’s one heck of a lot of mass and force flying around that gridiron.

But come on, you say. A 400-pound tight end? Science fiction, you think? Just another hyperbolic Space Opera, you think? Perhaps, but perhaps not. The video above was also published in this article by Christophe Haubursin at Vox, which compares today’s players to the first men to play the game back in the late 1800s.

The graphic below illustrates how linemen, in particular, have gotten bigger over the years. The average weight of an NFL offensive lineman has increased from 215 pounds in 1936 to a whopping 310 pounds in 2013. That’s an increase of 44 percent, or .57 pounds per year.

Space Opera, average weight of NFL draft picks

If that established growth rate held steady into the GFL era in the year 2682, you’re taking an average lineman weight of 691 pounds.

By that measurement, Michael Kimberlin, offensive guard for the Ionath Krakens, is small at 8 feet, 615 pound. Sheesh! So much for all-you-can-eat restaurants in the future, eh?

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