Ionath Krakens welcome the Seattle Kraken

Seattle Kraken and Ionath Kraken NFL

Today the NHL announced the nickname of the new Seattle expansion team: “the Seattle Kraken.” We here at the Galactic Football League welcome Seattle embracing the same name as our Ionath franchise.

The legend of the Ionath Krakens was born on September 10, 2009, with the first printing of THE ROOKIE, Book I of the GFL series. Now with five novels, five novellas (and a sixth novel and novella due out at the end of 2020), the GLF series has entertained sports fans and scifi fans alike with action-packed audiobooks, eBooks, paperbacks and limited-edition hardcover books.

Seattle Kraken jersey Ionath Krakens Galactic Football League series

THE ROOKIE Book One of the GFL series Seattle Kraken Ionath Krakens

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The GFL’s “self-assembling cities” becoming reality?

Living concrete created at CU Boulder

In the Galactic Football League series, there are several artificial planetoids that house millions of sentient beings. These planetoids (called “Orbital Stations” by their creators and owners, the Quyth Concordia) have underground cities that grow themselves. Buildings, streets — and, yes, even football stadiums — spring up from a microscopic organism that forms hard structures, […]

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XFL Uniforms Revealed

Those of us old enough to have been football fans back in 2001 might remember the XFL, the over-the-top football league created by WWE founder Vince McMahon. With cameramen on the field (the league pre-dated the amazing Skycams), players able to put whatever name they wanted on their jersey (“He Hate Me” ring any bells), […]

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New GFL story in FIRE IS ORANGE anthology

If you’ve read far enough in the GFL series, you’ve run into the Prawatt, and possibly their living god Petra. How did Hogwarts-loving Petra and this race of artificial creatures come to be? Part of her origin is in the new short story anthology FIRE IS ORANGE, the latest installment in Scott Sigler’s “Color Series” (following on BLOOD IS RED and BONES ARE WHITE).

Petra’s story is in FIRE IS ORANGE is called “Complex God.” Not only is it GFL-related, it ties the GFL in with the modern-day timeline of the the larger Siglerverse. That’s right, most of Scott’s work is integrated into a single continuum.

Currently available for Kindle (other eBook formats coming soon).

Audiobook: Stories narrated by Ray Porter, Scott Sigler and A.B. Kovacs

Other stories in FIRE IS ORANGE

A brutal story from Jonathan Maberry’s V-Wars universe. Just because you spend your nights slaughtering vamps doesn’t mean you can’t spend your days baking some lovely cupcakes. Batch it up!

Dale & Mabel
Amidst the carnage of Scott’s novel PANDEMIC, a Chicago couple reminisce on their lives together and prepare to face the future that will soon come.

Fifth Girl (all-new story!)
Be careful what details you share online. A story of a young man’s fascination with a young woman — heavily assisted by technology and a disturbing gift for internet deduction.

Mister Double-M
When you date the wrong person, the wrong person’s ex can be even wrong-er. Previously only available to Kickstarter backers of Paul & Storm’s “Paulandstormonomicon.”

Pink Torpedo
A tale from Mur Lafferty’s SEVENTH CITY universe. The things some superheroes have to do to make ends meet…

Puppet Master (all-new story!)
A writer’s muse isn’t always a positive thing. Sometimes, if not all times, deep art comes from deep pain.

Reunion (all-new story!)
The bonds forged in combat are among the strongest known to mankind. What happens when the comrade you fought and bled with not only dies, but is replaced by the comrade you fought and bled with?

Splashing Contest
The first story Scott sold takes a different look at schoolyard bullies and how some kids fight back.

The Laundry Demon (all-new story!)
If you try to trick an Iron Mage, make sure he doesn’t catch you in a lie. Otherwise, you might end up with his socks in your mouth.

Back again, the 99-cent GoDaddy Coupon code CJCSIG99C. Get a new dot-com for undre a buck. The 99-cents offer lasts only through 12/31/19, then returns to the normally discounted price of $4.99.

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GFL superfan Allie Press gears up for battle

Sometimes as an author, fans do thing that catch you completely off-guard.

Case in point, actress (and die-hard GFL-fan) Allie Press. Allie is receiving proton radiation therapy in a device she describes as “this Stargate-looking mother-fluffer,” shown in the photo, above. One of the therapists spends her lunches painting the patients’ masks. Allie’s mother, Julie Press, suggested Allie get hers painted like a Krakens helmet. As you can see, the results were amazing.

“When the docs took my blood, they were surprised to see it was orange & black.”
— Allie Press

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