The GFL tribute to John Madden

John Madden

If you’re a 80s or 90s kid, and a football fan, then boom, you knew (and probably loved) John Madden. The legendary coach, broadcaster and entrepreneur passed away on December 28, 2021 at the age of 85. He won a Super Bowl as the coach of the Oakland Raiders, then revolutionized sports broadcasting with his exciting, […]

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Sports science straight out of the GFL

High ankle sprain

It’s amazing when what an author thinks is scifi starts to move firmly into reality, into everyday life. Check out the twitter video, below, shot by Emmy-nominated journalist Holly Rowe, showing the whiz-bang-amazing Univeristy of Alabama’s Sports Science Center. But wait! Before you see this next-level tech created to help athletes heal from injuries, read this […]

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GFL gets props on Tampa Bay Buccaneers site

GFL on Tampa Bay Buccaneers site

Bucs writer Scott Smith is a fan of the GFL, which we learned in his October 7, 2021 “mailbag” column. He had some lovely praise (highlighted below). It’s fantastic to see that a serious football journalist not only enjoys the series, but that he also gets it. These books operate on a couple of levels. You want surface-level, […]

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THE ROOKIE is an Audible Daily Deal

Click here to get it: What a huge deal for us! To kick off the NFL regular season, Audible tapped THE ROOKIE as the Daily Deal for Thursday, September 9. We’re honored, and we’re excited a ton of new fans will get to enjoy the GFL series for the first time.

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Ionath Krakens welcome the Seattle Kraken

Seattle Kraken and Ionath Kraken NFL

Today the NHL announced the nickname of the new Seattle expansion team: “the Seattle Kraken.” We here at the Galactic Football League welcome Seattle embracing the same name as our Ionath franchise.

The legend of the Ionath Krakens was born on September 10, 2009, with the first printing of THE ROOKIE, Book I of the GFL series. Now with five novels, five novellas (and a sixth novel and novella due out at the end of 2020), the GLF series has entertained sports fans and scifi fans alike with action-packed audiobooks, eBooks, paperbacks and limited-edition hardcover books.

Seattle Kraken jersey Ionath Krakens Galactic Football League series

THE ROOKIE Book One of the GFL series Seattle Kraken Ionath Krakens

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The GFL’s “self-assembling cities” becoming reality?

Living concrete created at CU Boulder

In the Galactic Football League series, there are several artificial planetoids that house millions of sentient beings. These planetoids (called “Orbital Stations” by their creators and owners, the Quyth Concordia) have underground cities that grow themselves. Buildings, streets — and, yes, even football stadiums — spring up from a microscopic organism that forms hard structures, […]

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XFL Uniforms Revealed

Those of us old enough to have been football fans back in 2001 might remember the XFL, the over-the-top football league created by WWE founder Vince McMahon. With cameramen on the field (the league pre-dated the amazing Skycams), players able to put whatever name they wanted on their jersey (“He Hate Me” ring any bells), […]

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