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Welcome to the GFL!

Thank you for visiting our universe. The GFL is a series of books described as "Star Wars" meets "The Blindside" meets "The Godfather," a scifi/crime/sports mashup that follows a professional American football team across a far-future galaxy. Travel to new world, meet new races, and put their quarterback into the dirt.

The series begins with Book I, THE ROOKIE. Click on the link at right to learn about that book.

The GFL series is a great read for scifi fans, sports fans, and for teens that might not enjoy traditional scifi and fantasy books. If you want ignite a love for reading in your kids/nephews/nieces, THE ROOKIE and the GFL series make a great gift.

The action in the pages of these books is hard-hitting and realistic, written by someone who knows the game, who repsects athletes and the sacrifices they make to succeed. We welcome you to this sprawling, detailed universe -- now suit up, and run the plays that I call!

We were exhibitors at the 2013 NEA Expo in Atlanta, GA. We met thousands of teachers, librarians, coaches and educators of all kinds. What a fantastic experience! It helped us better understand the challenges that educators face in getting kids to read, and further encouraged us that THE GFL series is a great way to do just that.

Here is a video with Scott Sigler (the author) and A Kovacs (the publisher) talking about the experience.