GFL books noted for way to “fix” the NFL

This is fun — a Green Bay Packers site from Vox Media cited the GFL as one of the ways for “fixing the NFL.” We’re honored! Read it here.

The article dives into the concept of relegation, where, as season’s end, the worst teams get demoted to a lower tier, and the best teams in that lower tier get promoted to the big time.

Think of Major League Baseball. What if the teams that finish last in each division are replaced by a minor league franchise? It may sound crazy but it works very well in the EPL and other soccer leagues. It ensures that the teams at the bottom don’t phone it in, that they play their assess off right to the end of the season lest they get knocked down a tier. It also gives a bright future to lower-tier franchises, encouraging those organizations to fight toward the promise of playing at the highest levels of their sport.

There are a ton of other ideas in the article. Read and enjoy!

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