GFL gets props on Tampa Bay Buccaneers site

GFL on Tampa Bay Buccaneers site

Bucs writer Scott Smith is a fan of the GFL, which we learned in his October 7, 2021 “mailbag” column. He had some lovely praise (highlighted below). It’s fantastic to see that a serious football journalist not only enjoys the series, but that he also gets it. These books operate on a couple of levels. You want surface-level, […]

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THE ROOKIE is an Audible Daily Deal

Click here to get it: What a huge deal for us! To kick off the NFL regular season, Audible tapped THE ROOKIE as the Daily Deal for Thursday, September 9. We’re honored, and we’re excited a ton of new fans will get to enjoy the GFL series for the first time.

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3D-printed carbon fiber helmets for the NFL

Advanced 3D-printing technology is being used to make new helmets. Well, helmet liners, anyway, but this is still ground-breaking stuff. Helmet manufacturer Riddell has teamed up with the company Carbon for a process that involves first scanning a player’s noggin, then 3D-printing seven custom, form-fitting helmet pads that perfectly fit said noggin. The NFL is the primary […]

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6-foot-8, 370-pound 8th Grader — GFL material?

Kiyaunata Goodwin is a large young man. He’s currently 6-foot-7, 370 pounds (200cm tall, 168 kilos). But wait, here’s the best part … He’s 14 years old. He’s in the eight grade. The eighth grade. That’s him in the picture at right, playing against a typical eight-grader. Pretty impressive, is it not? Here at the Galactic […]

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Need a new domain? Visit for the latest "GoDaddy Promo Code" deals

Recently on StorySmack (a podcast hosted by me, Scott Sigler, and AB Kovacs), we covered the 20th anniversary of the scifi movie classic STARSHIP TROOPERS. Love it or hate it, this flick has endured as a lightning rod of science fiction cinema. One of the things that makes the movie stand out for me is […]

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