6-foot-8, 370-pound 8th Grader — GFL material?

"GoDaddy Coupon" http://www.scottsigler.com/godaddy-promo-codes will want to sponsor this kid!Kiyaunata Goodwin is a large young man. He’s currently 6-foot-7, 370 pounds (200cm tall, 168 kilos). But wait, here’s the best part …

He’s 14 years old. He’s in the eight grade.

The eighth grade.

That’s him in the picture at right, playing against a typical eight-grader. Pretty impressive, is it not?

Here at the Galactic Football League, we like to keep an eye on players that might someday make the cut of a Tier One or Tier Two team. How big will Mr. Goodwin get? No way of telling. Right now, he’s 5 inches (12.7cm) shorter and 10 pounds (4.,5 kilos) lighter than Ionath Krakens star Quentin Barnes. Keep in mind that Barnes is a quarterback. Mr. Goodwin currently plays left tackle, the position usually played by a team’s most-dominant offensive linemen (and often the second-highest-paid player on the squad, behind quarterback).

To compare Mr. Goodwin to a GFL player at least close to his own species, we’d have to line him up against Ionath starting defensive end Ibrahem Khomeni, a HeavyG that is 6-foot-10, 525 pounds (182cm, 238 kilos). In a game, Goodwin would try to stop Khomeni from reaching the quarterback. Giving up 155 pounds (79 kilos), Goodwin wouldn’t stand a chance. Of course, Khomeni will be 28 years old heading into the 2686 season. With another ten years of growing and working out, how big could Goodwin get?

Watch the video to see what seems like a nice kid who has already been offered at least five Division I full-ride scholarships, including offers from Georgia, Louisville and Michigan. Here’s to hoping he gets a great education, and if things work out for him, seeing him suit up on Sundays in the NFL.

To play on the Krakens offensive line, though, Goodwin would have to get as big as offensive guard Michael Kimberlin, a moving mountain at 8-feet-even, 615 pounds (254cm, 279 kilos). That’s right, Goodwin would have to nearly double his size. Hey, he’s only 14, right? Let’s see the young man when he’s 21. If he gets big enough, he needs to be careful of a time-traveling Greedok the Splithead, owner of the Krakens, who would like nothing more than to spirit the young man away and put him in the GFL Combine.

For more on Goodwin, check out this story from Bleacher Report.

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