The GFL’s “self-assembling cities” becoming reality?

Living concrete created at CU Boulder

In the Galactic Football League series, there are several artificial planetoids that house millions of sentient beings. These planetoids (called “Orbital Stations” by their creators and owners, the Quyth Concordia) have underground cities that grow themselves. Buildings, streets — and, yes, even football stadiums — spring up from a microscopic organism that forms hard structures, […]

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XFL Uniforms Revealed

Those of us old enough to have been football fans back in 2001 might remember the XFL, the over-the-top football league created by WWE founder Vince McMahon. With cameramen on the field (the league pre-dated the amazing Skycams), players able to put whatever name they wanted on their jersey (“He Hate Me” ring any bells), […]

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New GFL story in FIRE IS ORANGE anthology

If you’ve read far enough in the GFL series, you’ve run into the Prawatt, and possibly their living god Petra. How did Hogwarts-loving Petra and this race of artificial creatures come to be? Part of her origin is in the new short story anthology FIRE IS ORANGE, the latest installment in Scott Sigler’s “Color Series” (following on BLOOD IS RED and BONES ARE WHITE).

Petra’s story is in FIRE IS ORANGE is called “Complex God.” Not only is it GFL-related, it ties the GFL in with the modern-day timeline of the the larger Siglerverse. That’s right, most of Scott’s work is integrated into a single continuum.

Currently available for Kindle (other eBook formats coming soon).

Audiobook: Stories narrated by Ray Porter, Scott Sigler and A.B. Kovacs

Other stories in FIRE IS ORANGE

A brutal story from Jonathan Maberry’s V-Wars universe. Just because you spend your nights slaughtering vamps doesn’t mean you can’t spend your days baking some lovely cupcakes. Batch it up!

Dale & Mabel
Amidst the carnage of Scott’s novel PANDEMIC, a Chicago couple reminisce on their lives together and prepare to face the future that will soon come.

Fifth Girl (all-new story!)
Be careful what details you share online. A story of a young man’s fascination with a young woman — heavily assisted by technology and a disturbing gift for internet deduction.

Mister Double-M
When you date the wrong person, the wrong person’s ex can be even wrong-er. Previously only available to Kickstarter backers of Paul & Storm’s “Paulandstormonomicon.”

Pink Torpedo
A tale from Mur Lafferty’s SEVENTH CITY universe. The things some superheroes have to do to make ends meet…

Puppet Master (all-new story!)
A writer’s muse isn’t always a positive thing. Sometimes, if not all times, deep art comes from deep pain.

Reunion (all-new story!)
The bonds forged in combat are among the strongest known to mankind. What happens when the comrade you fought and bled with not only dies, but is replaced by the comrade you fought and bled with?

Splashing Contest
The first story Scott sold takes a different look at schoolyard bullies and how some kids fight back.

The Laundry Demon (all-new story!)
If you try to trick an Iron Mage, make sure he doesn’t catch you in a lie. Otherwise, you might end up with his socks in your mouth.

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GFL VI pre-order is on!

We are now taking pre-orders for GFL Book VI, THE GANGSTER, at

The books are limited-edition hardcovers, each copy signed and numbered.


  • We do not have a publication date yet.
  • Scott will be narrating the audiobook.
  • The audiobook will be on sale about the same time the hardcover ships.

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3D-printed carbon fiber helmets for the NFL

Advanced 3D-printing technology is being used to make new helmets. Well, helmet liners, anyway, but this is still ground-breaking stuff. Helmet manufacturer Riddell has teamed up with the company Carbon for a process that involves first scanning a player’s noggin, then 3D-printing seven custom, form-fitting helmet pads that perfectly fit said noggin. The NFL is the primary […]

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6-foot-8, 370-pound 8th Grader — GFL material?

Kiyaunata Goodwin is a large young man. He’s currently 6-foot-7, 370 pounds (200cm tall, 168 kilos). But wait, here’s the best part … He’s 14 years old. He’s in the eight grade. The eighth grade. That’s him in the picture at right, playing against a typical eight-grader. Pretty impressive, is it not? Here at the Galactic […]

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GFL self-chilling “MagCan” becomes reality

Ancestors of John Tweedy, rejoice! The self-chilling “MagCan,” a staple of Ionath Krakens linebacker John Tweedy and his brother Ju, has leapt from the pages of science fiction and into the modern world. Joseph Company International is pimping the dream of every hapless beverage-imbiber presented with a cooler- and fridge-free dilemma — the “Chill Can,” […]

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Awesome, inclusive gesture by the All Blacks

The GFL series is a metaphor for the racially unifying power of sports. Sports has done so much to bring different cultures together. The New Zealand rugby union team, the All Blacks, has used their new jerseys to make a statement about inclusiveness in general, with a focus on supporting the LGBTI community.

Watch the video. This gesture is not only touching, it’s a significant leadership stance on acceptance in the larger sporting world.

If you want to know more about the All Blacks storied history, check out their Wikidepia page.

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32 Years Ago This Week: Joe Theismann’s Leg

If you follow this blog, you know Scott has been a football fan for as long as he can remember. He talks about some of his earliest memories being of sitting on his father’s knee as Coach Sigler reviewed films of his team’s games. It’s no accident that the Galactic Football League grew out of Sigler’s scifi and sports soaked brain.

Me? I wasn’t really a football fan until Sigler forced me to pick a team in 2009. “Have to root for someone,  have to have a team.” So, I picked the New York Jets on a whim. Or so I thought. As it turns out, just like so many other fans, I was probably strongly influenced by my family’s football fandom, even though I didn’t know it. My brother is a Jets fan, even though I distinctly remember how he loved the 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers. (Heck, even today I know that team included “Mean” Joe Greene, Lynn Swann, Donnie Shell and Terry Bradshaw. I couldn’t tell you why they were so important to Jude way back when, but he talked about them enough that I remember their names.)

My stepdad Jake (aka my Fairy Stepfather™ for how much goodness and grace he brought to our family) is also a Jets fan. More than that, he’s a fan of the whole game. He is a true blue member of the Gang Green Nation (the Jets Fandom) but is also the type of fan who is happy to watch whatever game is on TV once his team is done.

This is how it came to be that on the day of one of our very first meetings we were watching football on TV. My brother was super excited to have someone to watch football with; my Mom was excited her kids were getting along with her beau; and I was pretty excited about the massive sausage and cheese plate that Jake had prepared for Monday Night Football. (Hey, a girl’s got to know her strengths!)

And just about as soon as it began, my nascent football fandom was crushed. Or, more precisely, broken just below the knee. A quarter into the game, New York Giant Lawrence Taylor crashed into Theismann on the 42 yard line at RFK Stadium. The hit broke the two bones in Theismann’s lower right leg, with one of them breaking through his skin. It was a career-ending injury for the Washington Redskins’ quarterback, and unsurprisingly put the brakes on my interest in football.

While I don’t think anyone could blame me (I was a 14-year-old girl convinced that she would someday meet and marry John Taylor from Duran Duran afterall) I think I’m just as surprised as anyone that I remember so much of that moment so vividly.

It would take 24 more years for me to come back to the sport through the Galactic Football League. I ended up bonding with my Pops not over football, but rather over science fiction, and his abiding love for Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine, which certainly helped when the football/scifi crossover THE ROOKIE came into my life.


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“Madden Cam” for all: the NFL finally buys in

The Thursday, November 16 NFL tilt between the Tennesee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers could be a ground-breaking experience for football fans — at least those who have never played the Madden video game franchise. That’s because “Madden Cam” will be the primary viewing angle for that clash. “What’s Madden-Cam?” you ask? It’s a view from […]

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