GFL gets props on Tampa Bay Buccaneers site

GFL on Tampa Bay Buccaneers site

Scott Smith of the BucsBucs writer Scott Smith is a fan of the GFL, which we learned in his October 7, 2021 “mailbag” column. He had some lovely praise (highlighted below).

It’s fantastic to see that a serious football journalist not only enjoys the series, but that he also gets it. These books operate on a couple of levels. You want surface-level, bing-bang-boom, high-action enjoyment? Brah, we got you. You want something a little deeper, that examines difficult, complex concepts surrounding modern professional sports? We got that, too.


There actually is a rather good series of science-fiction books called “The Galactic Football League,” by Scott Sigler. And, yes, it is actually about American football being played on multiple planets spanning our galaxy in the distant future. If that premise sounds a little silly to you (and incredibly hopeful for the NFL), let me assure you that these books actually have a lot of substance to them and explore some topics (racism, crime, gambling) that are relevant today.

So hats off to you, Scott Smith. We appreciate the love.

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