XFL Uniforms Revealed

Those of us old enough to have been football fans back in 2001 might remember the XFL, the over-the-top football league created by WWE founder Vince McMahon. With cameramen on the field (the league pre-dated the amazing Skycams), players able to put whatever name they wanted on their jersey (“He Hate Me” ring any bells), and cheerleaders who were encouraged to be more audacious than their NFL counterparts, the XFL promised to challenge the “No Fun League” and give the world a more jazzed-up, “sports entertainment” version of gridiron.

The XFL lasted only one season, which was a shame, because it was a) a good place for potential pro players who were out of college yet hadn’t caught on with NFL squads, and b) a rollicking good time. Pretentious? Yes. Borderline disrespectful of the sport? Absolutely. A “disruptor” before the word came into vogue. Totally.

The LA Wildcats uniform.

But the XFL is back! The next iteration of the league kicks of February 8, 2020. It promises to be more traditional gridiron, without the striptease showmanship of the original 2001 product. To kick things off, the XFL has revealed their new uniforms.

Could any of these uniforms cut it in the GFL? How would a Sklorno defensive back look in St. Louis Battlehawks gear? Which XFL team has the ugliest uniforms?

Here’s to hoping the new XFL has more lasting power than the original version. Spring gridiron! Enjoy!

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