GFL superfan Allie Press gears up for battle

Photo by Bruce Press Photopgraphy

Sometimes as an author, fans do thing that catch you completely off-guard.

Case in point, actress (and die-hard GFL-fan) Allie Press. Allie is receiving proton radiation therapy in a device she describes as “this Stargate-looking mother-fluffer,” shown in the photo, above. One of the therapists spends her lunches painting the patients’ masks. Allie’s mother, Julie Press, suggested Allie get hers painted like a Krakens helmet. As you can see, the results were amazing.

“When the docs took my blood, they were surprised to see it was orange & black.”
— Allie Press

I’ve had several fans go through various illnesses that require long-term treatment, fans that have told me that listening to my stories helps them get through the process. They give me the ultimate compliment when they say that my fiction takes them away to another place, where they are so lost in the story they don’t have to think about their situation for a little while.

To think that my stories help people through hard times? It’s overwhelming for me.

Allie’s “team colors” approach, though, is one of the coolest things I’ve seen yet. Armed in an NFL-quality Krakens jersey, she was ready for battle.

The latest report: her recovery is progressing well. Goooooooo Krakens, and GOOOOOOO ALLIE!

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