GFL VI pre-order is on!

Get April 1, 2019 on your calendars, Krakens fans! On that day, at 9am Pacific Time, we will start taking pr-orders for Book VI, THE GANGSTER, at

The books are limited-edition hardcovers, each copy signed and numbered.

If you are an old-school fan, you know the madness that accompanies a GFL pre-order event. The books are numbered in the order they sold, and some fans hope to get the lowest-possible number. But if you can’t be at your computer on April 1, do not worry — we will be printing at least as many copies as we have pre-orders, so you won’t miss out.


  • We do not have a publication date yet.
  • Scott will be narrating the audiobook.
  • The audiobook will be on sale about the same time the hardcover ships.
  • Use Facebook? Want a reminder? Click here for the Facebook event page.
  • Coupons earned from the ALONE pre-order will count.
  • This is not an April fools joke. April 1 is “Sigler Ascension Day.” On that day in 2007, Scott’s indie paperback ANCESTOR hit No. 1 on Amazon’s SciFi and Horror best-seller lists, and was the No. 2 best-selling novel on all of Amazon (behind only a Harry Potter book). This was before eBooks, y’all, so it was a helluva feat.

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