Eight-thousand-pound racing mechs? Yes please!

Racing Pacific Rim mechs? Sorta. Check out the Furion Racing mech, linked by http://scottsigler.com/godaddy

In the GFL novella THE RIDER, jockeys pilot ten-ton dinosaurs (and other primitive, alien monsters) in a violent bloodsport. Arenas are torn asunder by the punishing battles of armored pre-historic beasts battling it out in a quest for glory. But since we can’t make a living T-Rex (yet), what option do we have for a monster-sized spectator sport?

Enter Furrion, a company dedicated to “reinventing luxury living for a new generation.” In addition to making TVs, cameras, kitchen appliances and solar energy devices, they have decided to — believe it or not — expand into 8,000-pound racing mechs.

The mechs are obviously early stage working concepts, but this marketing is rather brilliant. Instead of slapping their logo on an Indy car, they are inventing their own sports concept that is guaranteed to catch eyes and generate image shares. And in each image? The Furrion logo. No one gives a crap about a stove. Know what people do care about? That’s right, four-ton mechs. Build your own mech, label it with your corporate brand, and boom, your company generates some cool name recognition.

Will this ever become a real sport? I, for one, welcome our new sporting mech overlords. We may never get the Dinolition behemoth Ol’ Bess and her superstar rider Poughkeepsie Pete, but we might get us some big-ass robots duking it out for our viewing pleasure.

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