THE ROOKIE (GFL Book I) named as the most underrated science fiction novel

Omni magazine’s Matt Cates wrote an article covering the most underrated science fiction books, and put THE ROOKIE at the top of the list. We’re thrilled to be included exalted works in this list including Octavia E. Butler, Tim Powers, Ted Chiang, Greg Bear and others.

It’s no secret that the Galactic Football League series gets overlooked as “serious science fiction” simply because of the second word in that title — that’s right, the word “football” causes many a scifi fan to turn up their nose and let out a slight “humph” of dismissal.

This is a sad fact, considering that the GFL series tackles many issues that are prevalent in the scifi community, such as racism, a top-heavy class structure, capitalism, marginalized peoples, the struggle to exist, discovery of sentient lifeforms and the potential impact on our culture, as well as what it means to be “human.”

So we throw up a big high-five to Omni!


  1. Tej

    Honestly, I would never have listened to the GFL audio books as I’ve never been into football and it just sounded like such a strange mash up of genres- but I had already gone through all your other books and they were amazing so I decided how bad could a book by the same author really be? I’m so glad I gave the series a shot as they’re easily my favourite book series of all time now, I even enjoy watching a football game now and again as well. Thanks so much for all your amazing books, you rock! Looking forward to your next GFL or Crypt books!

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