New GFL T-shirts & stickers

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We’ve launched three new t-shirts! Plus we have a few event shirts remaining from SiglerFest2k17 in Las Vegas.

As usual, all of these tees are are limited editions, meaning that when they’re gone they join the “retired” tees. If you dig the look of these fine mama-jammas, get yours now before you wind up crying yourself to sleep on your huge pillow! Click on each shirt image to order, or click here to see all of the GFL tees in their swag-filled glory.


A brand-new Ionath Krakens Tee, proving that the Orange & the Black are colors that don’t run. Rock on, muthas!

Oh, those colors? Maybe it’s done in Defending Title Black and Three-Peat Orange, but who can say?

Ionath’s bitter rival OS1 can’t be upstaged by the Krakens, now can they? The Orbiting Death is back with a brand-new tee and a quest for 2687 GFL title.

PS: No small mammals were hurt during this photoshoot.

Quentin Barnes’ favorite band, Trench Warfare, just finished up their galaxy-sweeping “Battlelines” tour and all you got was this freakin’ awesome t-shirt.

When the purple-mohawked Somalia Midori gets on stage, she takes no prisoners, and neither will you in this black slice of scifi rock-and-roll.

We have a few shirts remaining from “The Sig Lebowski” tees that SF2k17 attendees got as part of their registration.

Again, only a handful left, so you’s best get to gettin’ and see if you can snag one of these bad boys before they are gone forever.

And some GFL stickers, because why the hell not? For five bucks you get some delightful decals — team logos for the Isis Ice Storm, the Yall Criminals, the Ionath Krakens, the Jupiter Jacks, the OS1 Orbiting Death, and a bold, sassy logo for the GFL itself.

Bumpers. Computers. Windows. The foreheads of sleeping roommates and family members. Gramma’s spectacles. You name it, these super-powered stickers can perform feats of magic.

Magic, we tell you!


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