Sale on full-cast audio dramas of the GFL series

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Graphic Audio has adapted the GFL series as a full-cast audio drama, with over 30 actors playing the various parts of Quentin Barnes, John Tweedy and the gang. They are having an overstock sale on audio CDs. At $10 a pop, that’s 50% off their normal price. And if you buy six, you get a seventh free. Translation: seven CDs of GFL audio drama that would normally sell for $140 is now $60.

If you’ve already heard the GFL audiobooks, this is a different take on the same property. If you’ve only read the books and would like a “movie in your mind” version, check it out.

The other way to enjoy the GFL series is the Audible audiobooks. If you’re not a member, you can get any of them free as part of a no-risk, 30-day Audible Free Trial. Just click on that link for details.

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